Pandemic Covid-19 change almost all lines of human life, not to mention the field of exhibition and buyer matching product industry. We have to closed public spaces to running exhibition and buyer matching also become a new problem for companies associated in this industry . The hashtag save event was echoed, so that the exhibition and buyer matching industry would survive in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic..

New Normal caused by the pandemic that hit almost all countries in the world, is now unavoidable. Various daily activities that can cause crowds or people to gather have begun to be regulated in such a way by implementing strict health protocols in order to stop the pandemic from spreading. Activities that previously had to be done face-to-face now have to be done virtually.

Discussing virtual in the exhibition and buyer matching industry may have been a hot topic throughout the pandemic last year until now. Virtual Events are now something that is needed so that we can continue to innovate and carry out activities as before without interruption due to this pandemic. However, in practice, virtual events require no small amount of effort and even greater in terms of implementation. Especially when we try this for the first time, a sense of trouble will definitely arise in our minds. This change is not a setback, the things we used to do before and had to change also gave rise to many advantages and other positive things that came after.

One thing that is an advantage in virtual events is that it can reduce the potential for crowds of people in one room. This becomes very fundamental in the new normal era like now. Also, because it is done online, virtual events can be watched on several social media platforms live, such as YouTube, Instagram, Zoom or websites that have been integrated with the system at the same time making our events more accessible because event participants do not need to move places. to attend our event. In other words, we can save on accommodation costs that are usually incurred. Save cost and save time. In some cases, events of this type can be more efficient in execution. In fact, with adequate facilities, we can attend various events at the same time. In addition, utilizing highly developed technology that makes it easier for people to meet without meeting face to face can be used as a flexible and visionary step.

Advantages of virtual events  

  1. Eliminate the risk of cancellation of being a participant due to a pandemic or long distance.
  2. Lowering event costs because organizers do not need to rent a place, provide food, drinks, accommodation and so on.
  3. Reach a larger audience even across countries.
  4. Tailor the participant experience to your business branding goals.
  5. Can collect data on participants who have high prospects according to their interests and interactions.
  6. Planning and preparing virtual events is faster to do.


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1. Events Will Be Coordinated

Creating a virtual exhibition and buyer matching is not an easy job. There are many details that need to be considered, because the event is not the same as an offline exhibition and buyer matching . Moreover, if this is your first virtual exhibition and buyer matching , it will be very difficult. We are here to make it easier for you to create an effective and efficient virtual exhibition and buyer matching . That way your virtual exhibition and buyer matching will run smoothly and well coordinated.

2. Professional Team

We have a professional team. So, you don’t have to worry about submitting virtual exhibition and buyer matching to us. We will ensure the virtual exhibition and matching buyer you will smoothly without a hitch. Because the team already has qualified experience in their field.

3. Events will be carried out to the maximum

Because the virtual exhibition and buyer matching are carried out by a professional team, of course the event will be carried out as much as possible. We definitely have more creative ideas to make your event more interesting and fresh. Anyway, the event you organize will not disappoint those who attend the event. We are sure we will provide maximum service.

4. Reduces Hassle

There is no event that is not a hassle, it will definitely be very busy and require a lot of things to be taken care of. If you are not experienced in organizing virtual exhibitions and buyer matching. It will definitely make your head dizzy and confused about how best to make this event run smoothly. Don’t worry, we are here to solve your confusion. Because we are more experienced and have a professional team. This will reduce your hassle in organizing a virtual exhibition and buyer matching. So, you can focus more on taking care of other things, because we have completed the preparation of the event well.

5. Save Cost

The statement that using an event organizer will increase expenses is wrong. On the other hand, if you use our services, your budget will be more economical. Because we will calculate in detail the required expenses.

6. No more trouble finding BPOM or PKRT Consulting services

We are also very able to help you take care of all your BPOM or PKRT certification needs.


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