Frequently Asked Questions about BPOM Consultancy

How long will it take to register a food and beverage product in Indonesia?

The registration process may take between 4 to 8 months. However, the process is affected by many factors.

How long will the license be valid?

IIt will be valid up to 5 years depend on the depend on the Letter of Authorization from the Principle (product owner).

What are the steps of registering food and beverage products?

In short, the steps are as follows:

Building Inspection (Pemeriksaan Sarana Bangunan/PSB): every office and every warehouse of the company that will go through the product registration process will be audited by BPOM.

Legal Entity Registration.

Manufacturing Registration.

Product Registration.

What documents are required to register food and beverage products in Indonesia?

The food and beverage importer should prepare several documents from the country of origin such as Certificate of Free Sale (CFS), Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and Letter of Appointment (LoA) and other supporting documents.

Do all the varieties of one product require individual registration?

Product with different packaging and flavour requires different registration.

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