K-Beauty: Bizinone Brand Ampulogy Launches in South Korea

SEOUL, May 11th, 2018 /TWN/– BIZINONE, Inc., a company setting a new standard for the skincare industry, is proud to announce that its Ampulogy, an add-on ampule brand designed to provide aesthetic clinics and skincare shops with skincare programs according to skin types of customers as well as needs for skin problem, has officially launched at the 32nd Cosmobeauty Seoul 2018, which is an Korea’s most renowned beauty-exhibition, which provides a professional business platform and latest beauty trends in Korea.

The sister company of Bizinone, Inc., PT. Two Win Network, which is located in Jakarta, will be importer and distributor for Ampulogy in Indonesian market. “I hope Ampulogy will become increasingly targeted and multi-functional, responding to the needs of knowledgeable and demanding Indonesian consumers,” said Lee Dae Hwan, CEO of Bizinone, Inc.

Ampulogy E01 is the first popularized products of six ampules for retail use from Ampulogy RX. With Ampulogy E01, you can experience high quality of customized aesthetic skincare program at home. If you mix few drops of ampule with common skincare product, you can use it as a functional product. Your special skin cannot be perfectly fitted with a ready-made product. Complete the 2% you lacked with Ampulogy.

Ampulogy E01 has six ampules for different skin type/concerns, such as Sebum Control Ampule, Firming Ampule, Moisturizing Ampule, Clarifying Ampule, Pore Control Ampule, and Brightening Ampule.


Ampulogy E01 contains wide range of natural ingredients, which is safe and effective to mix with the basic skincare products and cosmetics. Ampulogy E01 Sebum Control Ampule contains the white willow extract as a key ingredient, which is an effective agent that prevents skin problems and improving skin condition. Ampulogy E01 Sebum Control Ampule makes skin clean controlling skin oil, which makes skin shiny, and sebum.







Ampulogy E01 Firming Ampule contains reed extract which can prevent the action of the ‘Elastasse’ enzyme, which causes skin wrinkle, and ‘Tyrosinase’ enzyme which darkens the skin. In addition, Ampulogy E01 Firming Ampule contains figs and pomegranate extract with antioxidant effect to protect skin from aging and smoothen the rough skin. The combination of various natural and patented ingredients fills the skin to improve elasticity.







Ampulogy E01 Moisturizing Ampule is an ampule for dry and loose skin. It contains the PENTAVITIN component to protect the skin from fine dust and moisturizes the skin from inside for a long time. Furthermore, Ampulogy E01 Moisturizing Ampule contains lavender oil extract, which is effective in rehabilitating skin cells, can help moisturize the skin.








Ampulogy E01 Clarifying Ampule is an ampule for people who want transparent skin. It contains papaya extract, which makes the best exfoliation to remove dead skins and wastes. Furthermore, Ampulogy E01 Clarifying Ampule contains Coix Lacryma-Jobi Seed Extract, which can be affected on acne and other breakouts. It also moisturizes the skin while removing dead skin cells, which can make skin more glossy and smooth.







Ampulogy E01 Pore Control Ampule has highly enriched component come from Mediterranean thistle can help you manage pores. Ampulogy E01 Pore Control Ampule contains tea tree extract with antibiotic and antimycotic effect, which can control sebum secretion. It is suitable for controlling pore condition. Furthermore, Ampulogy E01 Pore Control Ampule contains artichoke’s strong suppression weakens NF-sur-B which darkens pore. And it also help minimizing pores in the skin and control fluid.







Ampulogy E01 Brightening Ampule is an ampule for those who want to make their skin radiant. It contains seven white plants of Swiss Alps as a key ingredient, which will whiten your skin. Ampulogy E01 Brightening Ampule also contains peppermint extracts, which can waken cells of your tired skin with cooling effects. This ampule makes your skin look more radiant with no significant stimulation all the time.








You can mix Ampulogy E01 with skincare or cosmetic products. This is how to mix Ampulogy E01 with skincare or cosmetic products.

Put a certain amount of the cosmetics you want to use on the back of your hand or on your palm.
Drop the product on top of it and mix it well to use.








Use after adding a certain amount of Ampulogy to another cosmetic container. Ex: Foundation, cream, toner, water.








After washing your face, put the tip of the product on your face and let it absorb by spilling 1 to 2 drops. Then gently rub and pat. Apply cream or lotion for additional moisturize.








Put Ampulogy and skincare product into empty bottle as much as you want and mix it to use.










To learn more about Bizinone Brand Ampulogy, please visit: https://ampulogy.com/

Ampulogy Set (6 types) retails for 65,000 KRW on AMPULOGY.COM

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